1. Citellus: 2 year anniversary

    Time flies!

    We're 2 year old

    Today, Citellus makes the two years milestone.

    Last year we got this article on it.

    This year not a lot of changes happened compared to the last one:

    • The amount of plugins have increased to 874 (counting internal ones)
    • Updates to some plugins like lifecycle of new releases …
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  2. Citellus 1.0.0 released!!

    During the las months citellus team has not found any big issues or functionality that could be missed and worked mostly on performance improvements and some other tests.

    It was a good timing to align a new year with official release of Citellus 1.0.0.

    We’ve recently also …

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  3. Citellus: Your system at a glance

    What’s new?

    Other posts in this category: What’s new

    System information summary

    Thanks to the suggestion of a colleague, we’ve added ‘sysinfo’ as a ‘profile’.

    The idea of this, together with the RC_INFO code introduced is to leverage some scripts that report information relevant to the system …

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